Where Journalists Can Stay In Ukraine During The War?

Where Journalists Can Stay In Ukraine During The War?

As the war in Ukraine continues, many journalists have traveled there to cover the conflict firsthand. However, finding safe accommodations that also enable access to the news can be extremely challenging. This article provides tips and recommendations to help journalists navigate their options for places to stay while reporting from Ukraine.

Overview of Accommodation Options

Several main options exist for journalists looking for accommodations in Ukraine:

Hotels in Major Cities

Hotels in major cities like Kyiv, Lviv, and Dnipro continue operating and have served as bases for war correspondents. Benefits include amenities like wifi, restaurants, and secure buildings. Downsides are curfews, higher prices, and being farther from frontlines.

Short-Term Rentals

Rentals via platforms like Airbnb allow more flexibility on locations and prices. However, availability has dropped dramatically in western Ukraine given refugee influxes. Listings may not be properly maintained either.


Staying with a local family can provide cultural immersion. But this option requires an extensive network of contacts and effort to find trustworthy hosts. Safety and amenities vary greatly too.

Press Centers

Some cities have set up press centers specifically for journalists. These have workspaces, wifi, food/water, and sometimes lodging. But space is very limited.

Key Factors in Choosing Accommodations

When evaluating accommodation options, consider these key factors:

Location and Access

  • Proximity to news hotspots balanced with safety
  • Transport availability if staying outside major hubs


  • Budget constraints
  • Fluctuating prices in western Ukraine


  • Reliable wifi and electricity
  • Backup power sources
  • Food/water availability


  • Reinforced infrastructure in case of attacks
  • Emergency protocols and shelters

Press Freedom

  • Recent restrictions for journalists by Ukrainian authorities
  • Ensure any embed accommodations permit editorial independence

Recommended Cities and Regions

Popular locations for journalists to stay include:


Pros: Lots of temporary housing options, major transport hub, relatively safe from attacks

Cons: High prices and limited vacancies, farther from active conflict zones


Pros: Still has hotel availability, access to government officials for interviews

Cons: Occasional missile strikes, challenging trip to frontlines


Pros: Strategic location in central Ukraine, lower risks than eastern cities

Cons: Limited lodging choices compared to Lviv or Kyiv

Near Poland/Romania Borders

Pros: Quick escape route if situation deteriorates, access to supplies

Cons: Far from key events, still expensive, language barriers

Smaller towns and villages can also work well for journalists embedded with specific communities or military units.

Tips for Booking Accommodations

Follow these tips when arranging places to stay:

  • Book early even if plans uncertain, cancellations usually allowed
  • Clarify all policies upfront like curfews, checkout times, extra guests
  • Research neighborhood safety and bomb shelter locations
  • Have backup options in other cities in case you must relocate
  • Request ground floor rooms for easy emergency exits
  • Inspect for backup power sources, water, food when checking in

Staying Safe in Accommodations

Practice these safety measures regarding your lodging:

  • Identify fastest evacuation route and meetup location
  • Keep go bag stocked with essential supplies ready to grab
  • Follow all air raid alerts without hesitation
  • Have multiple forms of emergency communication
  • Know contacts for various emergency services
  • Check government travel advisories and local news regularly


Finding safe yet strategic accommodations poses an exceptional challenge for journalists covering the war in Ukraine. Careful consideration of location, affordability, amenities, and security is essential to mitigate the inherent risks. Maintaining flexibility as situations evolve rapidly also proves critical. With thoughtful preparation using the tips in this guide, members of the press can establish functional bases to illuminate Ukraine’s ongoing conflict for the world.

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