How To Be An Anchor In A News Channel Like Aaj Tak?

How To Be An Anchor In A News Channel Like Aaj Tak?

Being a news anchor on a leading Hindi news channel like Aaj Tak is an exciting and rewarding career. As the face and voice of the news, anchors play a vital role in informing the public and shaping opinions. However, it requires hard work, perseverance and a commitment to the core values of journalism – accuracy, objectivity and integrity.

This comprehensive guide provides aspiring anchors with insights and tips from industry experts on how to prepare for and succeed in this competitive field. It covers key skills anchors need to develop, educational background required, gaining essential experience, best practices on-air and important career advice to climb up the ladder. With dedication and the right skillset, a career as a news anchor awaits you!

Essential Skills for Anchors

Public Speaking and Communication: As the primary presenter of news, excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills are must-haves. Build confidence through speech classes, debate clubs and presenting at college events. Modulate voice, enunciate clearly and maintain eye contact when speaking.

Writing: Strong writing skills are essential as anchors often contribute to scripting the news. Take journalism courses and write for college publications. Learn to write news copy that is clear, concise and impactful.

General Knowledge: Extensive knowledge of current affairs, history, politics, business etc. is critical. Be an avid reader, follow multiple news sources and stay continually updated.

Critical Thinking: Assess stories objectively, ask pertinent questions and think analytically to provide context and perspective to viewers.

Teamwork: Collaborate harmoniously with producers, reporters, editors and crew behind the scenes.

Resilience: Handle criticism and feedback professionally. The ability to work under pressure and long or irregular hours is key.

Passion for News: A genuine interest and curiosity to learn about events shaping the world.

Educational Background

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification required to become a news anchor. Relevant majors include:

  • Journalism
  • Mass Communication
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Media Studies
  • English Literature

Many top anchors additionally pursue post-graduate degrees like MA in Journalism or Mass Communication to specialize and enhance expertise.

Besides academics, actively participate in debate clubs, college news publications, radio shows etc. to apply concepts learned.

Gaining Relevant Experience

Internships: Complete multiple internships during under-graduation at media houses like print publications, news channels, radio stations etc. to gain first-hand experience of how the industry functions.

Entry-level jobs: Take up positions like broadcast assistant, production assistant, scriptwriter, segment producer etc. to learn the ropes before applying for on-air roles.

Reporting: Work as a field reporter for a few years to build credibility through on-ground reporting experience.

Auditions: Appear for anchor auditions at channels once you have enough experience. Prepare a strong demo reel showcasing your reportage work.

Freelancing: Take up freelance anchoring projects with local channels and YouTube news platforms to get comfortable being in front of the camera.

Up-skilling: Attend workshops by industry veterans to continually upgrade your knowledge and skills.

Best Practices for Anchors

Follow these tips shared by leading anchors during live broadcasts:

Prep Well: Thoroughly research all topics in the news-line up with background context and latest updates. Prepare relevant questions for interviews.

Script Effectively: Structure the script with an impactful opening, attention-grabbing headlines, smooth transitions between stories. Have a conclusion summarizing the key takeaways.

Engage Viewers: Strike a conversational, engaging tone instead of a monotonous teleprompter read. Maintain an energetic body language and enthusiastic facial expressions.

Be Yourself: Bring in your unique personality and style to connect better with the audience.

Stay Alert: Pay close attention to the producer/director’s cues and inputs through the earpiece. Be ready to adapt to breaking news and technical glitches smoothly.

Collaborate with Co-anchor: Build camaraderie with your co-anchor. Coordinate on stories, cue each other at the right moments during the show.

Wrap Smartly: Close the news broadcast by reinforcing the most important headlines of the day. Thank viewers and give a preview of coming attractions to keep them hooked.

Career Growth Tips

Join Reputed Channels: Start your anchoring journey with well-known national channels like Aaj Tak, ABP News, Zee News, India TV etc. even if you have to take up off-air roles initially.

Stick to Your Niche: Become an expert on your niche like politics, business, investigative journalism etc. Viewers and channels prefer niche anchors over generalists.

Build Your Brand: Increase visibility by hosting events, delivering lectures, writing columns etc. Build a strong social media presence and following.

Upgrade Your Skills: Take up professional development courses on using new gadgets like teleprompters, interviewing political leaders etc. to expand your range.

Remain Ethical: Do not fall prey to unethical practices like paid news, sensationalism, plagiarism. Build a reputation as an objective journalist committed to factual reporting.

Be Patient: It takes at least 5-10 years to establish yourself as a respected prime-time anchor. Persist with hard work and perseverance.

Summing Up

A career as a news anchor is highly rewarding but requires tremendous dedication over years of struggle. With robust skills, relevant experience, high standards of integrity and an unwavering passion for news, the coveted anchor chair at Aaj Tak awaits! Stay determined and success shall be yours.

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